In Harmony
Realization I look out your window but I don't see the same world.
I live outside yourself and perceive wisdom within me

I hear your voice softened by silence, and i strain to listen

Show me the things of your world that I may see more
Show me your intelligence that i might highten my wisdom
Speak with a kind voice and I will listen
Knowledge is as old as thought found in the memories of men long dead
Knowledge is new for an open mind, a couragous heart, and searching eyes.
Time is older than a beginning, and will last beyond an end
time is too short
begin as dust
live as intelligence
return to dust
The body fears but the intelligence is time
Acceptance Never judge by color that is for the eyes alone.
Feel beauty with your heart, but it may cloud your judgement
Think with your mind and your intelligence lives on

Let's look at the world through your window, see different things, share them together: isn't that what friends are.

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